Data science

Fully operational recommender system

Data acquisition strategy, design and implementation. Data integration. Data Governance policy, data quality rules implementation. Multiple rule engines, models and operationalization.
Company: food-tech startup.
2-years project.

Digital Scoring and Multi-Touch Attribution engine for media and advertising group

The solution designed and built from scratch on Google Cloud Platform. The main goal was to measure the direct impact of money spent on digital activities on conversions and sales. Company size: group of marketing agencies(about 1000 B2B customers, 750 employees), project scale: team of 6 people, 12 months.

Data Science Environments

Architecture and foundation for migration of data science environment from old, heavy solutions using expensive commercial solution toward light opensource approach, well-aligned to organization and team’s capability.

Data management

Central Data Warehouse for one of the leading media and advertising group

Data warehouse with about 25 different data sources, including digital logs, offline channels data, open data and feeds from social media platforms. The solution used for reporting purposes and as a base for ad-hoc and operationalionalized data science activities. Implemented on google cloud platform mainly with the use of serverless services.
Company size: group of 7 marketing agencies(about 1000 B2B customers, 750 employees), project scale: team of 8 people, 18 months.

Data Warehouse for telco operator

Participation in the planning, design and implementation of the data warehouse project. It was one of the largest projects in Central Europe. Project covered business requirements analysis from main stakeholders, design the optimal technological and organizational approach, design the architecture, a lot of consultation with all technical parties in the corporation, foundation the agile teams and incremental delivery of business value for the organization.
Company size: large telco operator (20M customers, 12K employees). Project size: team of 40 people, 2 years.

big data/Hadoop environment for telco operator

Proof of Concept for selected, available technologies and modules for data large amount of data processing and storage.

Online streaming solution

Solution architecture, project plan and implementation of solution processing-intensive data stream.

Data lake projects

Several data lake projects for clients, mainly for quick dashboarding solutions or as quick tactical steps before other projects.

Data feed from main social media platforms for brand analysis.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture Strategy for international ESG unicorn company

2-months consulting project.

Data Architecture Strategy for leading TV Broadcaster

2-months consulting project delivered successfully using internal methodology based on the book "Data-Driven Transformation" (Mariusz Jażdżyk) .

Data Analytics Architecture Strategy for telco operator

The main goal was to plan and make progress in the evolution of the architecture. The scope was to plan and design necessary changes, to gain commitment of stakeholders, manage teams and to deliver business value. Design tasks used TOGAF methodology and all development activities strongly utilized AGILE project methodology. The architecture was transformed in parallel to the transformation of the organizational structure, way of working and way of project delivery.
Company size: large telco operator (20M customers, 12K employees).

Data Analytics Architecture Strategy for media group

The main goal was to optimize the architecture, to create a project roadmap and make effective development of selected initiatives for internal organization and external clients. It was necessary to make an assessment of the current situation in the company (for the dimensions of data, technology, people and projects) and make a lot of changes. After the transformation, the organization was able to sell products based on marketing data. Internally the development organization was organized around internal products planned with common architecture strategy and iterative development processes, most of the development was done with DevOps rules on one of the leading cloud provider. The architecture of data and platforms was present and developed according to business goals.
Company size: group of 7 marketing agencies(about 1000 B2B customers, 750 employees), project scale: team of 40 people, 2.5 years.

Architecture and MARTECH (marketing technology) assessment for FMCG client

4 months consulting project, where the goal was to review the current state of technology, data and processes in the areas of data, marketing, IT and others. The result was recommendations for optimization of the existing marketing technology stack, processes and technology.
Company size: 1900 employees in Poland, project scale: team of 20 people, 4 months.